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About Us

What is EMAB?

The Environmental Monitoring Advisory Board (EMAB) exists because it is a requirement of the Environmental Agreement for the Diavik Diamond Project.


Diavik was created in December 1996. In 1998, the mine submitted their Environmental Assessment Report to the Canadian government for review under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act.

One year later, the Comprehensive Study Report was completed. This document gives additional information to enhance the previous report. The information came from technical reviews, and public and community consultations. The CSR was submitted to the Minister of Environment. It concluded that the project design would not result in significant adverse environmental impacts. Also, the Responsible Authorities noted that an Environmental Agreement must be developed.

The Environmental Agreement, a legal document intended to make sure the environment around the Diavik mine site is protected, came into effect in March 2000, several months before the mine was given approval to begin construction.

Each Party to the Agreement appointed a regular member, as well as an alternate, to sit on the Environmental Monitoring Advisory Board. EMAB held its first meeting in February 2001.

EMAB works independently and at arm's length from Diavik and the other parties who signed the agreement. The Board will exist until full and final reclamation of the mine.